Ok, So I was actually thinking of NOT telling you about this. BUT. You are my readers after all, and you sometimes as k me things. Because sometimes I'm not being very clear about things, or what's happing in my life and so on. So I wanted to take some time and just have a little "chit chat", I guess I will try to do a chit chat video for you very soon. I think that's even better!

So, I'm a little bit nervous to sit and write about my personal things. But, allright let's do this!

So first of all, the 3rd of december now I rememberd I have live her for 1 and a halfhalf year! One year, and six months. I moved here when I was 20 and now I am soon 22. It's so crazy also how MUCH I have changed since me moving here. I know a lot of people doesn't notice it maybe, but I have changed in so many ways. I feel calmer and much better in so many ways. I have goals and I'm looking forward to life. I think it's important to like the place that you are living in (ofourse it's hard sometimes to be away from family etc, but my mum did the same when she was young, and move far away fro mfamily, so I'm so happy she always supports me).

So actually, ahhh I can't believe it, but I am so freaking PROUD of myself to master the french - to honestly speak and understand french FULLY! I didn't expect that when I just came here. I thought I wouldn't make it, but I did it..!! So proud so it's flying butterflies everywhere, haha! And I am maybe starting the university in january, I am applying. And the timing feels..perfect. I will also work at the same time in the same business as my studies so this is perfect. Nothing for sure yet, but I am just hopinh and hoping and hoping. I will tell you more about this in january for sure, as the studies is starting in january!

And I am so thankfoul to have my blog as my secound extra work. I never thought I could make money out of this, but it's possible if you only believe in yourself. I am so very happy I didn't listen to those people that thought I couldn't make it, those people who always questioned me and so on.

Beautiful flowers from my mum <3


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