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And hello from Sweden!!
Yesterday was a really tough and LONG travel day! Woke up at 8 in the morning, had my coffee and got everuthing ready. Arround 11 or 12 we went to the airport, A gave me a ride with the car! Thank you!! <3 and when I got to the airport they was allready boarding, so I picked up some macaroons for my mum in Laduree and went straight to the plane! And when we landed I had to catch the bus quickly, and then I was home arround 18.30 in the evening! Haha, so long day!! Even if the flight is only for 3 hours, you still have to go through all these other things at the airport, bus etc so it takes a lot of time.

Was so hungry when I got home. So we ate, talked and laughed and took som pictures! Ofcourse! ;P

Spended a good evening with my mum <3 and today I think we have a calm start and then later on I will invite her for a fika, and we will have a walk in the city! Really want to check out Gina Tricot (clothing shop I really like!!) <3

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