I had been longing for the day to move to France since a long long time. I was 13 when me and my mum went the first time to France, and we went to - Paris. And we fell in love with Paris both of us. Paris was amazing. Paris was dreams, history, beautiful and historical monuments, buildings and museums. It was colors, happiness and joy. It was croissants, baguettes and cute music playing in the streets. 

I loved Paris because everything was so inspirering. I also got my first camera right before this Paris trip, so I took so many pictures. But to be honest I din't take that much when I am scrolling in the albums now, I guess I was enjoying Paris by heart with my eyes at that time. And I remember that, after this trip I saw life so much differently. Because the truth was, in Sweden, in Vasteras where I come from, it felt like everybody knew each other, everybody liked to judge each other, to talk bad about each other - one day you are friends, next day the same person speaks crap about you. It was going a little bit like this in my home town. People talk about people. (Then there is good friends ofcourse. Good friends that makes you miss home) But in Paris, it was like - everything was not at all like this. I felt suddenly so far away from my little hometown and it felt so dreamy to live in France. So me and my mum, since I was 13, every year, we went to France, two times to Paris and many other times to Nice, Monaco and Cannes. And one time I remember my mum had tears in her eyes while waving bye to Nice, and I told her "we will be back mum, don't worry". She had tears, because France ment so much to both of us. And when I turned 19, I booked the trip to Nice, a one way ticket. And I was 20 when I moved to Nice the summer 2016. Which I am so happy for. It makes me feel so warm. So lucky, and thankfould.

And then I also met somebody that made me fall in love with Nice even more. A lot of things happened. Also sadness. I was at the Promenade when the terror atack happened. Tears. Laughter. Birthdays. Swimming in fountains. A lot of things has also changed in my life today. I see myself more grown up. A person that actually can be brave and say that I am doing this for me. I moved here for me, and it doen't matter what people think. I just love it here. <3


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