1. I really hate when it's messy in the home - therefor - I always try to keep it clean, and take out plates to the kitchen and so on! Always make the bed in the morning. (!)

2. The first time EVER in my life to fly with airplane I was 13 years old! And that was to Paris. And it was also then and there I fell in love with France <3

3. My lucky number has always been 3 because I wall get something good if something is arround the number 3. Like winning in games and so on, like yatzy haha. Or when I was in Stockholm and won the chocolate wheel,I won with number three! Haha. This has been since I was a child. Do you have a lucky number?

4. I am a very social girl, but I do feel that I get shy when it comes to meet new people and to make new friends. I love to meet new people and to make new friends tho..! But it's just that it makes me feel a little bit shy! <3

5. I am 174 cm tall!


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