1. I love to drink coffee. I mean, a lot of coffee! When I was younger I never ever thought I would like to drink coffee, but now that's liek the most important thing in the morning. I also like the afternoon coffee ;P

2. I actually never imagined myself studying at the university. So it feels really like the perfect time to do it now, so I am so very happy to start studying.

3. I speak 4 different languages. And I think that this is pretty cool. Okey, I don't want to sound "ego" or something. But how cool isn't it to know a lot of languages?! I know I want to learn one more. Maybe 2 more!

4. I snack a lot! I don't eat to much breakfast, I often eat yoghurt and some juice, but then I need a snack 2 hours later and lunch, and snack, and dinner in the evening and snack in the late evening. Do you also snack? With snack I mean, fruit, nuts or sometimes something un healthy like chips.


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