So now when it's coming closer to christmas I will speak more about - Christmas! Haha ;)
And here is 3 of my absolute favourite christmas movies. So yes, these movies 

Home Alone - I looooove Home Alone, I watch it literally every christmas. I love the first and the second movie the most, and then I think there is a third one and a four..but the first and second is the best! I love how smart this kid is. And actually I wanted to name my (if I have a son one day) Kevin. I still love the name Kevin, but we'll see!

The Santa Clause- This movie is so funny, cute and gives you really a lot of christmas vibes. So I really like this movie, It's about a man that haaates christmas, but then one day a santa claus is at he's roof and everything changes...don't want to spoil to much! You have to watch it..!

The Grinch - I think that this is a very beautiful movie, and it's about Grinch, who hates christmas. Because he was bullied as a child for he's differences, so that made him this angry and hatefoul. But he is a very loving person! And I just love the story, and also that Taylor Momsen is in this movie as a child.


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