Hi!! How are you guys? Have you spended a nice christmas? I had a nice time, ate good food and etc. I mean, I celebrated the 24th since in Sweden it's the 24th, when did you celebrate? I will have my mini christmas with my mum and family when I'm in Sweden tho! I will go there on thursday!

Anyways, do you know what happened the 24th? I got an inflammation in my hand, so one of my fingers got really swollen. And the evening of 24th I started to cry because my hand was hurting to much, I couldn't bare it. I could barely even move my hand because it was in such a horrible pain. So we ran and took the car and went to the emergency. I got really good help from the doctors here in Nice. And they gave me painkillers, and also noticed I had a fever. And they told me to come back in the morning for a small operation (to open up my finger and take out the liquid inside). I got so scared tho, and decided not to go. But then the next day I had a horrible pain again and cried. But I am so not going to do any "operation" nope! I know it sounds maybe crazy..like, would I rather have the pain? Haha no ofcourse not. But today I got some antibiotics instead and other things that will make this go I hope. It's getting kind off better allready. So, fingers crossed!

This also makes me feel that life is just so very fragile, take care of your loved ones <3


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