Got this one from J when I visited Sweden! THANK YOU!! I read one page and I loved it allready (now I can't stop reading it!)

Something I have promised myself is to really start reading more books! I really want to read more books because it makes the brain really relaxed and focused on something else. I am very often on my phone, you know talking to my mum, answering emails or blogging and so on. So my brain kinda never relax, because after I'm too tired also to do anything haha. So I will absolutely start reading more! I think it's healthy! 

When I was younger I really enjoyed reading love books and also writing. I was always dreaming about that one perfect love you know. Prince charming. Haha. Did you too? Do you read a lot of books now a days? I guess everything is online today..podcasts and so on..you can even listen to e-books, haha, but maybe it's even good, I have never tried. 


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