Hope you guys are having a supergood afternoon! I have been to school this morning, I had to wake up arround 6.30..(!) And now I have been working a little, and eaten lunch at workhouse cafe! I had two avocado toasts, and with a whoooole lot of cheese on (that I had to take off after, hehe) but it was supergood!

 Anyways, something boring I need to tell you....I am a person that loves having my privacy. Like even if it's about me going to the gym, I don't like that anybody would just follow me. It's not that appreciated from my side actually. So that's why I will change my gym. Seriously, I am gymming at a place that is not even that big and known, so I am sad I shared it with my followers, because there is some people writing to me that they have seen me there after I told you, and some also took the gym card there now. And it makes me feel so uncomfortable and angry at those people. And seriously, why  ?? If you see me, then come say hi then, or at least don't follow me arround. Do what you wan't, but just please stop also copying people, so annoying. Get a life.


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