Tallinn was amazing! We was there on monday last week, and only for one day because we had a cruise. But it was nice to be there only one day, because the weather was literally so windy you didn't want to walk to much outside. But we walked arround, snapped some lovely photos, and after that we had a lunch at the big square in old town, and after a cup of coffee. And it was super good! I had some white fish with vegetables and french fries (ofcourse! :P). A bought some fishing things, because he is soo in to fishing right now, haha. We actually tried fishing in Vasteras but didnt get anything..there was only duck that we gave food to :P haha...

A tcruise ticket to Tallinn is about 75 euros, but I think you can get cheaper like arround christmas or something. Then they have nice offers!


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