Coat from Zara, and hat from H&M!

I have had such a good stay here in Sweden (still here until tuesday), I take the airplane back to Nice the night between tuesday and wednesday. And I miss it ofcourse!! Can't wait to go back to my daily routines and schedule. Now when I have been here in Sweden (and also Estonia) I didn't focuse to much onwork things, school, bloging and so on.

But it has been really really nice to just relax and done some other things for a while now! 

Anyhow! Today is sunday the 5th and A went back to Nice this night :'( and all of you who is having boyfriend or living with somebody can understand it will be strange! Like sleeping alone and so on. (I'm going back to Nice on tuesday night sooo not too many night alone haha..) I have my routines with A, and we always see each other in the evenings at home or during the day. So you just kinda get used to each other. Even if it has been hard times and arguments between us, we always hug each other and forgive and move on. And during this trip we have spended a really good time together, went to Tallinn in Estonia, Stockholm and my home town for the 3rd time! I do love him like crazy, that's for sure. And now it has been 1 year and 4 months that we have known each other which is crazy!! Time flies!! But we have done so many things! 

Anyhow, didn't want to write a too long post hehe, so I will just finnish up and drink my tea, and head out! Today it's raining in Vasteras but it's cosy! Tonight I am seeing my mum!! Haven't seen her since april! Wow!

Wish you a good day! bisouuus


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