And it's saturday and week-end! And guess what, yesterday I felt so motivated to do some gym so I went gymming both yesterday and today. And it felt so good! I haven't done gym in maybe..3 years? I have only been out running sometimes, but now whrn I actually got motivation to do some sport I felt like gym is the best option..since it's getting colder now too. (don't really feel like being out and run).

So anyhow, saturday and we slept long! I wetnt to the gym. had a shower and got myself freshened up. Washed laundry at home and now I'm having a coffee in Starbucks to answere some emails! I will also now try to figure out what to eat tonight! No idea! Do you have any ideas on easy dinner to make? I think I will make salmon, some good salad and mashed potatoes! What are you eating tonight?

I am gymming at Feelsport in Nice! I think that this gym seems was actually A that said that this gym seemed good. And yes it was very nice! I wanted to try out Fitlane, but I think that there's to many guys there and only people with like a LOT of muscles..hahah...and then I am coming there like.."hi, yes I am kinda not that fit :)" you know what? At this time of the year last year I felt so very lonely. Even if I wasn't lonely at all. I was surrounded by so many amazing people, but I felt so lonely. It's not christmas yet, but everywhere there is allready christmas decorations. And all the families are gathered together for some christmas shopping, they are having a coffee and talking, laughing. And I'm feeling so alone in the middle of all this. Because I am so very far away from my family. And it's christmas. I mean, I'm so used to be arround my mum for example, to bake cookies and so on...


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