How lovely it seems to be there in Nice! Would you like to see your boyfriend in a Vlog! :)

Yes it's very lovely here in Nice! I don't think I am going to put him in any video tho, since I respect that he and my friends doesn't want to be shown and exposed like this. I often don't post photos with people on my blog or instagram because simply they don't want to, hehe ;q

Where have you bought your red bag that you have in your header?
Had been sooooo happy if you would answer my question! :-)

I don't know actually, since it was a gift ;( I know Gina Tricot has one red velvet bag, really beautiful!!

Have you and your boyfriend broken up?

No, we are together.

Are you really living alone? In one week, you heard like somebody vacuum and someone else said something like "welcome back * name *". Just wondering. I think it's great fun to follow your everyday life in Nice :)

No I'm not living alone! For you who has followed me a while maybe know that I have changed flats like 4 times in Nice. I'm living with my boyfriend. :) thank you!! <3 lots of love.

Honestly, the results are not particularly good on most people who do lip injections. It looks like your lips are fixed and it often looks disproportionate. If you want it to look natural, you have to go to a real professional, but then it costs a lot too. If I were you, I would not risk anything, especially because you already have so nice lips that fit well in your face. That's actually something I've thought of when I've watched your video blogs. I do not know you and you do as you please. In any case, make sure you know you are very nice and handsome as you are! Hug

Thank you cutie, but you know it's also very hard if you have a complex, because then people can say you are beautiful as you are but it doesn't get stuck in the head or how to say it. :* I have thought about it a long time, I really want to do it, not too much, just a little but I am also very scared that the result could be even worse or horrible. But I am still thinking of this, still I say to everybody like "nooo I won't do it...". But still I really want to haha. 


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