1. Put more money on savings
I save money all the time, sometimes ofcourse not because it depends on what kind of outcomes I have. So something that I really want to get better at, is savings!! Because it's so fun to save.

2. Eat healthier
I allready think I eat healthy. I mean, I don't eat meat that much as before anymore, and I eat a lot of vegetables and fish. I love when the food is fresh! But I think I want to try to eat really like a LOT less meat, or even stop it. Because it makes my stomach even worse than the milk issues i got.

3. Start going to the gym!!
I'm feeling no presure. I will do this if I really feel like I am enough motivated. I want to go do some sport, but it's just that..I won't do it if I don't have the motivation. But I will try to! At least 3 times a week!

4. Be better at relationships
I want to improve myself in my relationships to my family, friends and so on. I think it's really important to invest in time with the people you love, and 2017 was all about focusing on me kinda. I had my mind really at just focusing on getting things good in life in France, and now 2018 I'm looking forward to improve a lot of things!


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