To be honest, I am not that type of person that LOVES everything here in life. So I will write a list on things I don't like - and also on how to start liking it, and how to think differently about it!

1. So first out, I really dislike november as I wrote on the blog last night. It's grey, rainy (here in Nice, I mean sometimes sun ofcourse!). And I feel like november is not really to special. You just wait and wait until the first of december so you can start with all the christmas decorations, haha. So it's not that fun really. 

So how to change this feeling? By actually start listening to christmas music!! How cool? I mean, I love christmas music. Also, you can start making a christmas calendar for a friend or mum. You do 24 gifts so that the person can open one gift everyday until the 24th of december! Also, start gyming, start making things happen, have a coffee with a friend and start to think more positive! Grey weather? Perfect to stay at home and watch a movie!! Put some candles, have a warm batch if you feel cold, call a friend! 

2. I dooon't like to gym, and it feels like - now a days you HAVE to gym, oe go out running or at least do some sport and also ofcouuurse post it on instagram and brag about it a little bit. But for me, I feel very often like I don/t have this feeling of "yes allright! let's do this!" You know?

So how to change this feeling? It's very simple. What's the most hard part is to actually take yourself out there, to set up your mind in to saying that running is fun. So just tell yourself, allright I'm just gonna do it. Even if it feels hard. Because you will love it when you are actually out running!

3. Being away from family and friends is really hard, and this is what I dislike a lot. :(

So how to change this feeling? By calling them ofcourse! Call them with video and have a lunch date or something, this will be very fun! Me and my mum do this very often. We go out and have a coffee and call each other. Because then it feels lke we are close to each other!


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