Something I know about writing blog posts is to avoid to even write something if you don't have anything special to write about, you know, if it's just no sense. So lately I have just been really trying to push myself to make blog post even if I don't want to, which i think is kinda bad I guess, because then after I feel even more bad to write such a bad post, do you understand what I mean? I love love love to take pictures and to blog. I mean, bloging is kinda something really in my heart because I have been doing it for so so long now. But I guess I just need some new motivation right now to get it up a level, to do it better I mean. 

I don't know why I'm writing this post, but I guess it's just to make you understand also that I am not only trying to show a perfect side of my life. It's not only nice foods, drinks in Monaco and outfits. It's also tears, sad moments and a lot of thoughts!! But I will do this! I will try to get my motivation back!


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