And today is just one of those days, I feel like I'm freezing so much even if the weather in Nice is good and not cold. I had to even go and buy a scarf for 10 euros because I was so cold..!! But it's a nice buy. My hat on this picture is by the way from H&M! Love it! The first hat I ever felt like it fitted me..I don't really like wearing hats and stuff. 

Anyhow, I'm having some mint tea from Teavana Starbucks. Going through some of the messages I've got about collaborations. I just had lunch with mum through cam, and I will head home soon too and prepare for school! 

I haaave to tell you - I had like nightmares this night and I saw a spider come up to me and I woke up from this dream screaming. SO scary!! Do you guys hate spiders too?


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