When I was a child. I moved a lot with my family. First we lived in a big house at the country side, a red one, with white on the sides and with a big garden to play in. I loved this house with all my heart. And I sometimes think about this house, miss it. But then we move in to the city center of my hometown in Sweden. And then we moved again, and again..I got tired off packing boxes (ok my parents was packing but you know what I mean), because when I just got a good amount of friends, we moved..and we was children so, we didn't really stay in contact anymore after. It's only Sandra, my best friend today, that I have really kept my contact with, which I really, really, really appreciate.
But it was extremely hard to move house all the time, maybe you wonder why? It was probably just because we wasn't that happy with the appartement or something and we found something better and moved. Just like that.

So today I can see that I get extremely bored with staying in the same place for too long. And I think it has to do with the fact that we was moving so much when I was child, I got used to it. So today, I am really this person that is looking for a precise place to just STAY, to build a family, to renovate my appartement and to simply relax and stay. This is honestly what I am looking for, to settle down. At the same time, I need to travel, see new places, to be in movement, to have some changes so I won't get bored. Something I feel is not that nice, because I get bored easily after a few months doing the same things. So travel often makes me just honestly feel so much better. There is nothing better than to travel for my soul!


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