My little list of how to get that motivation back on track! :

1. Motivation posts! Look in Weheartit, Pinterest (not really a pinterest fan, I'm more weheartit haha), or just simply google "motivation quotes" or "motivational photos". you can also look in instagram to get inspiration! I love this. I do it very rare today, but before I could sit hours and look and inspirational and motivational posts to get my mood back up again!

2. Motvation videos! There is a lot of good videos on youtube, where you can find nice videos that gives you a lot ofgood thoughts in your head. And that gives you really something to think about! Just google motivation videos.

3. See a friend! I mean. How nice isn.t it to just see a friend over a dinner and then to talk about things like this? About how to get motivated, how to make school better, your work better, how to manage to do the things you need to do when you really feel like not doing it? 

4. Brainstorm! Start brainstorming and write down things that makes you happy in life. And like this you will see what things are maybe missing in your life, or what things you can put more time in to doing.  

What d oyou do when you want your motivation back?


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