Something I LOVE with instagram and blogs, and youtube, is that it gives you so much inspiration. It's always fun because, it's a way to "waste your time" a little bit, while you are not doing anything special. Maybe you are tired after work or school and you just sit down, and start scrolling.

But there is not only good parts with instagram and all these social media. Because it gives you a wrong way of seeing how life is. It gives people an image that life should be always perfect. You need to do sports, gym, eat healthy, have a nice style and have amazing friend (a lot of friends). And in the end you just try to convince yourself that this is the way it should be. But it's not like this.

There is a lot of people saying like, "wooow you seem to have it sooo good with your life". But remember, it's just photos I post for inspiration, well, because I love taking photos. So I am actually not even showing 60 % of my "real" life, and life problems if you understand. 

This is very important to remember, don't ever forget that social media is never the real image of something from real life. You can take pictures in so many different angles and make yourself look in different ways. You can even put a smile on your face and always post colorfoul photos, that makes your life seem like the best. But it's not.

Sorry for sounding depressing, but this is just the truth!! Don't forget this!


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