Tops from Gina Tricot

And I'm home. I have landed in Nice, and everything is back to normal, back to my daily routines at the riviera. It still feels strange to say, but, this is my home. Sweden is probably more of a home ofcourse, it's where I grew up and where I have all my childhood memories kinda. So yea, everytime I fly to Nice I say automatically "I'm flying home". Haha, still feels strange to say it like that tho. To be honest :* 

I am anyways VERY happy over my trip to Sweden and to Estonia. I really had a great time, and now I'm back in Nice and it feels good too!

I saw that some of you readers have been asking me some questions and I will make a Q and A (questions and answeres) on the blog, so if you have any more questions, ask them now and I will add them and answere you as good as possible! :*


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