Pimples. Ahh, god I hate the pimple problems I am having. Hoestly, this is also something that I want to and, SHOULD speak more about. I love when bloggers open up themselves and talk about this things that are like "abnormal" to talk about. But there is nothing more normal than pimples. I know a lot of people that doesn't have pimple-problemes. But I also know a lot of people that are having this types of problemes. I I think, if I share my stories and tell you my secrets - then maybe we can get rid of them..!! ;) in France I think there are reeeally good doctors actually. So I went with A to see a doctor in Cannes, and got really good help. Some pimples can't go away witout medicine. And without special treatments. I think it's actually also very important to start thinking about the food that you eat, for me, milk is no good AT ALL. And I'm allergic, so I avoid it as much as I can. I know that sugar, candy, chips, all types of fried food, fast food, soda's and so on is reeeally bad for you. SO try to avoid that to!

About the products, now I always use something called CURASPOT. (no partnership) which is really good actually. I am going to continue in giving you advice, and to talk more about this. Promise!!


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