I am not really feeling to good at the moment. And I hope that all of you understand. I need A LOT of support now, and also, this is why I ve been starting to write again. I write texts about feelings and emotions, because that is what saves me in situations like this. 

I am not a very strong person. I am not weak. But I am not strong either. I know who I am, and I know I will get through this - and when I have. I will talk about it more on the blog. But for now, I can't open myself up about this to much. Because I don't know what
s going to happen to be honest. 

It's just a lot, and I hope you understand. I will try to blog and update my blog as much as I can. So maybe you won't even notice any difference on the blog. But just wanted to tell you guys this. Because I'm not feeling very well. Love.


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