Stoped by Deli Bo today for a coffee and some musli with yoghurt! It was really tasty! The coffee was good to. Both of them was good. It was good. Good good good. Haha. Like A's friend always says - "Good good good!", and I don't have any idea why but it always makes everybody arround laugh. ;)

You find Deli Bo in Nice, it's really close to Place Garibaldi - at 5 Rue Bonaparte. Really liked this coffee a lot. Even if it wasn't in the center of Nice, it's still worth it to go to Garibaldi, I mean ,with tram it's like 5 minutes from Massena..!

A lot of things in my mind right now, and I am staying up a while to make some plans and so on. Organize etc. I wish you a great day for tomorrow <3


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