I don't speak a lot about anxiety, but it's there. Not maybe everyday but often.

And the things that make me have anxiety is really the pressure of being better everyday. I always feel the need of becoming better, I know it's good to aim to be better. But when it comes to an unhealthy level it's bad. And I am really starting to try to say no to things, try to understand what's the reality, and what's not. Because sometimes, maybe you look at a person through social media and you feel the need of buying the things that this person have, or try to be like that person and so on. But I really try to not act like that arround social media! Cause social media can really make you feel bad even if you don't notice it in an instant. 

I think a lot of my anxiety I have today, is a lot about not feeling like you are good enough. Something that is really bad, but something that makes me fight harder to become someone I like. The thing is just, will I ever be happy or, WHEN will I feel satisfied? I only know now that I am not there yet, I still have a long way to go before I will feel good with where I am in my career and so on. 


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