Hi <3 I hope you guys had a good day. I have had a good day, and I'm just still so very happy for this beautiful flower delivery I got this morning , it was from my mum! :* got a note and a teddy bear to! so cute right! I love sending flower deliveries, I think I will try to do it more often! It really makes you smile and feel happy, that's what I think <3

Anyhow. A lot of things in my head right now. Food for example, so hungry haha. But I have also a lot of love questions. Like, why should it be so complicated with love? Or. at least I think I make it more complicated than it is actually. I do it, because, well, I have had a lot of trust issues for people from when I was a child. It's something really frustrating. And now when I am 20, I can meet amazing people. And still, sometimes, I feel like it's to good to be true, that I protect myself by being really..not to kind. I hate this, honestly, I hate when it happens. It's absolutely my worst "quality" i have. But I'm getting better with this, which feels good, it feels good being calm in my body and soul.

And how to train this issue away? You just have to trust. Trust. Trust. Trust. And be brave. Go with the good feeling in your heart. If it feels right, go with this feeling and don't let the negative and bad feelings get you.  


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