Many people ask me why I stoped drinking alcohol, (And if you didn't know, now you know.) that question came often up when I was out with friends, then they always asked "why don't you drink?".  and then tried to buy drinks for me, Which is kind off absurd, but I will anyways write a little bit about it, and about my decision, about taking healthy choises and to change my life into something better and healthier. 

So first of all, I wan't to say that I don't want to make this post seem like I talk bad about people that drink. It's not like that, this post is about what i decided to change in My life.

Allright, to the subject. First of all, I have NOT been drinking alcohol for almost 1 year now and I feel so good with my body and health, I never get hangover (haha obviusly) so that gives me time to wake up early in a fresh mood, to give 100 procent in work and to reach where I want. I see that the times I have been hangover in my life, I just wanted to lay in bed for a whole day and do nothing than just eat junk food. This is time that I could have been doing a lot of nice and great and beautiful things, to reach success. And I didn't want to loose my time on being hangover, just because I had some drinks the other night. So yepp, that was the first thought that made me want to stop my intace of alcohol. 

I am just so very happy that I reached to this point in my life to take this good decision for myself. I really feel good. The time I was drinking, I felt like I was hungover, tired and depressed all the time. And then when I was in Nice with EF, we was ALL THE TIME drinking. And I was with EF for like 4 months I think, because I made my trip shorter, and we was out so so so often. It was crazy. Now when I look back at my time with EF I feel like, to be honest, it's not a very serious "school" (it's just a language course, not really school at all and very unserious). And I look at myself like really being childish this time. I'm so happy about where I am now, so happy being at the uni etc. (haha I am kinda roasting myself in this post aint I, hehe...). So it's simply like this, I don't drink and I get more things done. And I really wan't to reach where I am aiming. And I think that drinking is a part that stops me from that. xo


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