So, soon I am on my way to Sweden and there is a few things that I would like to buy from there. I guess I will have time to go shopping a little, don't know yet. I will stay in Stockholm and spend a night at a fancy hotel (iiiih..!!), and go to Tallinn I think. In Stockholm I have a lot of plans, and also in my home town..

But anyways, here comes a list of things I want to buy from Sweden:

1. First of all! - I want to visit Bik Bok (clothing brand) and see the clothes that Elsa Hosk made in collab with ..Bik Bok haha. Really eant to get the pink shirt where it say "french fries" on, fitted for France ;P

2. Newspapers!! Hahaha. No but seriously, I want to go and buy Aftonbladet, Vecko Revyn, Solo and other swedish magazines. Hello?? Miss it kinda much?! ;P

3. Swedish candy. There is NOTHING - nothing (!) better than swedish candy for real. I will go crazy with this. Guess  I will buy it at the airport on my way back to Nice!

4. St.Tropez fake tanning mousse. They DON'T sell it here which I think is weird??? I mean, it's called St.Tropez. Shouldn't it exist here in france? haha. Real problems. No but they sell it in Sweden, and it's the B E S T. For real. And I kinda wanna look tanned during winter, even tho A doesn't like when I look to tanned. I like it tho! :* don't know what the thing is with guys haha :*

And I think that's pretty much it! Hmm...but I will probably buy something cute i see in sweden when i'm there, we'll see!


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