Blouse from HERE

I have something to tell you..!! I am going to Swedeeeen the 28th of october for a few days, and then back to Nice again. But I am so very happy that I am going there. Last time I was there was for New Year's, so it's almost a year ago which is crazy...but my mum came to visit me in april tho, and then I saw some friends from my hometown this summmer (they came to Nice), buuut I really miss my friends, family and my room in Sweden. iiih! I know it will feel so strange going back home for a few days...I mean, I have changed so much, and to see my teenage room again will bring back so much memories, I felt so wierd last time to. Because I am living a complitely different life today than before. But ofcourse I am still ME. I mean, I'm not that changed, but more..i don't know..mature? wise? better ofcourse, in a good way. Can't wait!! So excited!


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