Love my sweater and skirt from h&m, hehe I guess it wont be skirt-weather in Sweden by now ;P's on! Today I am going to Sweden and I feel so good with it!  I am going to stay in a hotel with A, and spend a good time in Stockholm before heading to my hometown. So I am really looking forward to sleep in a hotelbed and just relax a little. 

Things I am looking forward for my Sweden-trip:

1. Going to Grona Lund, an amusement parc in Stockholm! Want to play games, go with carousels and so on. It was such a long time ago I was there, I am not kidding but last time I was there it was like 3 years ago..? I was with Rebecca, Felicia and Elin and Amanda I think..? hihi, miss you girls!!!

2. The autumn weather, the beautiful colors of the trees and so on. To have a coffee in Espresso House, sit with a blancet and talk for hours! I mean, this is the best with Sweden. I actually love all the seasons, all the different weathers and etc. In Nice there is kinda always the same weather if you know what I mean, especially autumn and winter, it's not like in Sweden. I guess I could skip the cold in Sweden (haha...) but the beautiful snow and trees is just something I love with Sweden. So I will enjoy this a lot now!

3. Staying in Stockholm, sleep in hotel. As I wrote before, hehee..looking forward to this! I think there is a gym in the hotel, which I would LOVE to try.

4. Seeing my mum and my friends!!! Hellooooow ofcourse duuh. 

5. All saints day. I love all saints day. I don't know how they "celebrate" it in other parts of the world, what do you do when it's all saints day? We always go to the graveyards and put candles. It's very beautiful, because everybody, literally everybody puts candles.

See you in Swedeeeen!!! Now we are going! BIG HUG TO YA


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