To be honest guys, I am so happy to go and to visit Sweden this weekend. I can't wait to hug my mum, see my friends, my family. To go to dad's grave, say hi to all the people I know in the city and see how they are doing. To just have a "fika" in the city, drink coffee and hear people speak in swedish. To hear people say "hej hej!" and " tack" and just talk swedish, because I miss it honestly so much Imagine you can miss something like that, like speaking in swedish. Strange isn't it?

I feel very good about my decision about living in France. I have no doubt about it. Some days are just really hard for me. I wake up, missing my family and friends, missing the routines I had in Sweden and just talking in swedish. Because honestly, I speak french here and english yes, and to speak in french for me is still making me tired because my brain is thinking A LOT when I speak french, I need to keep focuse to understand it to 100 %. It's hard, but it's going OK. 

So what I want to say is just that, God I really really need to visit home this weekend. I need it really. I feel like I have been stressed, sad and even lonely in some times. I will absolutely take this vacay (still have to do some important things when i'm in Sweden so it won't be all rest every day) to rest, to enjoy it fully. That's why I am also preparing some blogpost for the upcoming week I'm there. Because I feel like I wan't to put my blog, instagram and so on a little bit aside then, and when I'm back in Nice again I will start posting again as normal. <3


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