I want to write this post since I have absolutely zero inspiration at the moment. I don't think it will be to much blogging now for a few days. I am also having a pretty hard time these days. I have a lot of things going on inside. 

On wednesday it will be 8 years since dad past away. And I just..I don't really know what I feel actually. I feel sad and upset, at the same time life has just moved on and I feel like I am becoming a better person in so many different ways, and I am feeling calm and good about where I am today Maybe that's what scares me. I was always scared I would forget him. It's like a war inside of me at the moment. I just wanted you to know that, life can't always be good.

I think maybe some people are also afraid to ask what happened, and some people do ask. He past away with cancer, I had just turned 13 that year, and ofcourse everything was scary at that time. To be alone with mum, and it was hard to just continue life normally. Today I am 21, it has gone 8 years. And time has gone so fast, I still feel like I am that girl. Ofcourse I am her. I'm still me, but changed, and grown up. And it's still strange, to not have a dad. Still I am so lucky to have the best mum ever.


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