Thursday the 19th of october was A's birthday, and we spended a really good day! I hope he did to (he said he had a really good day too so I'm happy!), we woke up early in the morning, and yes well I wanted to wake up earlier than him but he woke up before, and I told him "nooo, you have to go to sleep again!" So I went up to fix a little breakfast and I"woke" him up with presents and pasteries! In the afternoon we went to la chevre d'or in Eze Village, had a coffee with an amaaazing view, and then in the evening we ate sushi in Monaco. We wanted to sit in cafe de paris after but we wnt home to Nice because we was soo tired after a kinda long day!

At, La Chevre d'or in Eze

A had a cappuschino (he always drinks that) and me I had a caffe americano (I always have that, haha)

The view was sooo beautiful!!!! And the coffee was 9 euros each, absolutely worth it haha ;)


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