Sometimes I am feeling like Carrie Bradshaw, when she moved to Paris and started to miss home to New York City and to her friends. I miss home to Sweden also sometimes, and ofcourse it's normal. I am 21 years old and not only did I move out from home. I moved faaar away to another country, haha. I have to always be extreme...

Some days I miss home and I cry a little actually, I don't show you this, and I don't talk a lot about it..because, I don't need to. Because always when I say I miss home I always get the question "are you going to move back?", no I won't, I have my life here, allready working, studying, have my blog kind of based here, contacts, friends, boyfriend. And I love Nice, it really feels like a city of mine (ours). I just think it's normal to be a little bit insecure sometimes, because actually, I feel like I am badass strong for living here, and to have managed to learn the language fluent until now, to be working and so on. And it's normal to be affraid sometimes. Sometimes you will ask you the question "is what I am doing enough ?", "Do I really want this?". It's normal!! But because of this I feel like..don't stop your dreams just because you qusetion your dreams sometimes! It's really my dream to live here. And also, guys. It's an amazing feeling to also find the man in your dreams. I amso in love with Him, the same as I felt in love with everything about freance. xo


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