Hi guys! How are you? ♥ I am good! I just have to say - hello weekend!! Which for me means, not to much resting, cause I have a lot of things that I really need to be doing. (Things I want to do!) because lately I haven't had time to do the thing I really like to - like going buying groceries, take a lot of photos, make videos, fix my new (!) place I'm living in (I will show you the place very very soon! I am going to make a little youtube-serie where I will show you everything and also talk a little about furniture shopping and so on! I think it can be fun! 

So anyhow, tomorrow I will go out for a run, wash my laundy, clean the appartement, buy grocieries, go to the banc, edit videos, and also spend like the whole dy at the beach! Really need to get that tan...!! hihi. Wish you all a great weekend lovies, bisouuus


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