It's my grandmother's birthday!! Wish her happy birthday..! ;PP

I don't think I have been writing to much about my family, or my grandmother. But nyhow, my grandmothers lives in Estonia, in a little city outside the capital. And it's just suuch a nice village. She literlly lives at the coutryside at the farm. Hehe. And I get so so so inspired from her. I love to listen when she is talking about her life, about how it was growing up with the war, how it was when she fell in love with grandpa, how she got three kids and builded her own house. She is very energetic and happy. You can se that she lived a very happy and lucky life (still!) Soo - happy birthday grandmother!! I will call her soon and tell her this also (as I guess she doesn't read blog's haha) <3 


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