Michelle-Mariolina, 22 years old, Swedish/Estonian girl living in Nice, France. Business student in Monaco. Coffee lover and creative! x

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1. I am seriously the biggest time-optipist ever. I always show up late when I will meet friends and so on, hehe. I was exactly the same in Sweden. But in France I think it's kinda ok, and cool if you are a little bit late or am I wrong now ? ;P 

2. I cry. A LOT. No but, if I'm ever in some kind of trouble (haha what??) then I would cry. Anytime. Hehe.

3. If I am stressed and have a lot of things to do, I always end up doing nothing. Haha. Bad, huh?

4. I started my blog 6 years ago!

5. My biggest want right now is buy an aqarium and fishes. Haha I am serious ;P 

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