A lot of people ask me very often if I ever want to move back to Sweden. Honestly, it's not like I feel like I neeever would move back to Sweden one day. It might happen. But for now I don't feel like moving back. I feel like living here a long time, and then when I am older I will see what's going to happen. But right now, no. I mean, I allready have appartement and work in Nice (France), and also the language. So everything is working good over here! 

but ofcourse sometimes life is difficult living abroad. You know, I had a really hard time finding a good appartement, to find a job and so on. Ofcourse it will be difficult! And ofcourse I miss home sometimes, but not as much so I would just leave and go back to Sweden. But I really do miss my friends, my family, and I miss speaking swedish (haha!), and I miss myself how I was in Sweden. But you know, life is always changing, and also, I know I decide over my life, so if I ever miss home to much, ofcourse I would go back to Sweden. xx, Mich


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