/ At the Meridien Hotel! Wearing jeans from Bershka, bag from Michael Kors, and top from Zara /

Having my free day today, no work! It felt kinda strange actually, haha! I like working..! ;) I had a supergood day tho. Woke up arround 9.30 am, and wet to the city to get a new phone company! Now I will have SFR! I think it seems good. I can call, text how much I want and I have a looot of internet! Then I went for some lunch, shopping and ice cream! Also went to the flower market in old town of Nice. Love it! Went home later in the afternoon to rest, talk to my family and washed some clothes. And now I'm at Le Meridien to work on my blog! Tomorrow work is calling, so have to go to bed in good time :*

/ Photos from today! /


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