God I miss Sweden. God I miss my friends. And my family! But you know what? Everutime I see photos of my friends or with my family. I get seriously soo happy. I feel so lucky. I have so many good people in my life. And I just love all the traditions we have, I love the love people show other people there. It's amazing. Ahh I miss it so much..!! No day passes without me missing Sweden actually. (Let me just say that I love living in south of France tho..!)

I move to Nice in France, the 3rd of July 2016. And soon it will be almost a year I have lived here. And there has been a loooot of up's and down's. Most good moments! It's just crazy. I got to experience falling in love really deeply in a man that I can't picture my life without. I have partied like a crazy person, and met so many lovely people. I have also met a lot of toxic people. But seriously they are everywhere..! ;P but it's a lot different from Sweden actually, I mean - the people. Hehe. 

I went to France to kinda live life, to find myself and because I wanted to live here. But I wanted to live here for seriously like later on in life, not really now. But life is unexpected..! And I am so happy to live here. Even if i sure miss home like crazy. Just really want to go home to Sweden very very soon <3 

God. Seeing these photos makes me see how much I have changed this past year. I have changed a loooot I guess that my weight is like one of the "biggest" things that has changed. I am a little bit thinner today, than the day I first came here. Aaand I mean, my whole personality has changed I guess. In Sweden I was always this funny girl, making jokes, talking funny and I didn't really care to much about what people thought of me Buuut, now I am like..not really that girl (ofcourse I still am kinda) haha. No but it's just really crazy. I mean, I dont speak a lot of swedish anymore, I only speak english or a little bit of french. And sometimes swedish ofcourse when I talk in the phone with my family or friends! 

Anyhow, life changes you. Or you change life at life changes you back. <3


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