Hehe, did you see our food shopping day vlog? It's up on my Youtube chanel! (see below). I am not really in to buying to much food actually, I guess I am not feeling myself to hungry when I am now living in Nice! ;P the weather is warmer and it's not like I crave to eat meat and all these things. So when I moved here I kinda stopped eating meat (sometimes I do ofcourse), I eat more fish and chicken. Fresh food! So I since I don't but too much food often I wanted to make a little vlog when we go food shopping! ;) it was very nice! But yes, so now you got your answere, since actually a lot of people tell me and write to me that I have lost a lot of weight. It's not my purpose. And I wouldn't do any dieting, or try to hurt my body. I eat! Haha! :* <3


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