1. I absolutely dislike to wake up late. I love to wake up early! Arround 8 or 9. Else I get really, really stressed if I sleep to long..I know! I am maybe a little bit funny like that. ;P

2. My favourite afternoon snack is to slice a tomato and eat it with some salt and pepper! And I also like to eat crab sticks. Ah, love it!

3. I really don't like taking selfies, haha. I am super bad at it! But sometimes I do upload selfies on for example instagram I know. But now you know I don't really like it hehe..

4. I have been blogging for five years, or is it six? A logn time anyways! And I started up my blog first, only because I really enjoyed writing. I was writing a lot..sad texts..happy I enjoy more taking photos and try to give my followers daily inspiration! :*

5. My phone is seeeriously my baby (haha?), I use it sooo often. I mean, I really really enjoy taking photos and I really love instagram/blogging/making videos! <3


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