Hi guys, I hope everuthing is ok with you. I am having a little bit of a hardtime right now. But I am so very blessed and happy to have so much good people arround me. I am so thankfoul. And I would not want to talk more about that..about why I am feeling the way I am. Tired, stressed, sad..I just want to think positive. Surround myself by people that love me, people that I love. Even in hard times. 

Today I had an amaaazing day. A little bit wierd tho..I had some plans made up but they kinda crashed i nthe beginning. It's fine..! <3 I now in the evening met Ivana, that cam here from Sweden with Louise! And we ate dinner, talked, laughed and took a lot of nice photos! Had a really good time. <3 so now I am off to bed soonish <3


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