/ Photos with me, Anna and Mila at the Villa Rotschild in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat!/

Wanted to say hello you guys! Are you good? Last night me, anna and Mila went to the Cannes Festival and it was so cool to go there and see how everything is built up! I mean, last year I was sitting in Sweden and actually blogging about the Cannes Festival bcause of a collaboration I had. And now I get to be in Cannes this year! Cool! :D So we was watching a movi that was really really good! I didn't watch it to the end because I had to catch the train back to Nice. So I was home about midnight! Anyways, I will show you more photos a little bit later! I want to wish you a supergood day. I am having some interesting collabs coming up so I will sit with my laptop and work with this a little bit. Then some quick tanning at the beach before some photoshoot! Tonight maybe we are going to Cannes, but I am not sure - we'll see! Kisses and hugs! <3


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