I want to just wish all the mum's ut there a great day! Is it mothers day today in the rest of the world? In Sweden it's mothers day today! So I would like to send a looot of hugs to my mum. <3

My mum is one of the strongest, nicest, kindest person I know. And she is also my best friend! I love to be friend with my mum. We can really talk about everything! 

and to all of you that has no mother, or has lost your mother. This day is also for caring bout friend, other family members or yourself! Do something that you really enjoy doing, eat good food, do something fun, or rest at home and read a book, congatulate the mothers and be kind! For me, it's really hard to celebrate father's day because I have no father. He past away and it is very hard for me ofcourse, so I know the feeling if you are not feeling good today, just stay strong <3


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