Goodmorning guys!! Yesterdqy I had a supergood day. As i told you, I finnished my school with french studies at the univercity here in Nice! And I am a little bit sad, but still happy! I will for sure keep in contact with a lot of you guys <33 it was funny, because a lot of people didn't really talk to each other in school before but yesterday everybody was exchanging number. hihi :*

And then I came home after school (feels funny to say home, I only think about Sweden haha..), and fixed myself a little and met Anna and Mila! We had a great time together. We walked arround in the city, spended some time sitting on the beach and ate some. Took a lot of photos! And I think I was home arround 22! So it was kind off an early night! I like! <3 

Wish you a suupergood day! I am off to Villa Rotchild! Will tell you all about it later! xx, Mich


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