Michelle-Mariolina, 22 years old, Swedish/Estonian girl living in Nice, France. Business student in Monaco. Coffee lover and creative! x

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I was thinking that, since there is a lot of new blogreaders here, it would be suitable if I write you 5 things about me! So here we go! Enjoy! ;P


- I am 174 cm tall (5 feet 8), I think I have always been the tallest one in my class etc

- I am born in Sweden, in a small city called Vasteras. It's 50 minutes from Stockolm with car or train. And my mum is Estonian so I was living a lot in Estonia to, as a child, I also was in kindergarden there.

- I speak fluent, estonian, swedish, english, and french (yey!)

- My dreamjob, or what I am going to work in is tourism! I love it

- I am 21 years old!

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