1. The only artist that I really, really like is Ed Sheeran. I love seriously ALL of he's songs. There is not a single one that is bad. 

2. I am 174 cm tall (some people think I am shorter based on my photos??)

3. If I got to choose to learn another lanugage, I would absolutely choose italian, I think it's a lot of use for it in France, and also very beautiful..spagheeetthiii italiaanoooo si siii grazie

4. I have a really hard time coming up with stuff for this list...haha..

5. One time I colored my hair brown by myself at home. I was 15, and it was a disaster..!! My hair ended up being purple, green, brown and I dont know what. I cried. My mum laughed. I had to pay expensive money at the hair dresser after that.......

6. I love eating fish, my favourite dish is seriously salmon with boiled potatoes and some vegetables!

7. One time me and Sandra was cycling with our bikes and we fell on the road. And I got a hole in my knee..haha I am SERIOUS. I got a hole in my knee because a stone was sharp and ..yes made a hole in my knee haha..and it was bleeding A LOT.

8. I hate havingg long nails, haaate iiiit. I can't imagine having long nails and feel like I have dirt under.

9. I have visited Spain, France, Estonia, London, and Italy! So far! Would love to go to Greece! Love traveling! 

10. I am not very shy, but a little bit! 

Hehe, hope you liked this little list of things of me! :*


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