Michelle-Mariolina, 21 years old, Swedish/Estonian living in Nice, France.

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20 mars


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I hope you all had a great day! My day was great and Uni is going good. We have allready had our second midterm exam for this semester, and there is some more to go..! The 18th of May is the last day for this semester, and it feels so sad!! I wish we could go longer!! ;) but then we will be back in the fall! If you wonder what my plans are for this summer - well. I am starting to plan a little bit now, since we are allready getting more and more closer to summer break. I will be working more on my blog and with a upcoming PROJECT!! Which I am looking forward to. What are your plans for the summer? Are you also at the university studying? What do you study?

19 mars


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19 mars


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// Knitted sweater from H&M, Bag from Michael Kors, Coat from Zara //

Wish you all a super great day!! Monday and new week.

I remember i absolutely HATED mondays when I was a teenager and lived in Sweden. Hihi. And even more when it was snow and cold and minus degrees. But now it is so different! I think I haven't hated a single monday the past years. And I think it is also in the way you think about life, the way you have your thoughts. If you have your thoughts in a bad mood it will be a bad day, but if you are prepared and you think good thoughts it can help a lot!

What do you think about mondays?

18 mars


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A little video on how I style my hair with a hair straightener! Hope you like it! And below I have listed some products I like for my hair! As you see in my video, I like to use hair oil and also Kerastase to moisturize the hair before I started to curl the hair.  <3

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17 mars


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I hope you all had a great saturday babes <3 yesterday was a long school day at the uni, and felt so sick. First time I went to school wearing...a grey hoodie from h&m, a white t-shirt and black jeans, sneakers..hehe. It's not really the style we have at school (ping louis vuitton) you might understand how tired I was. Got like 3 hours of sleep. Sweeeet. By the way, thinking of starting to also write in swedish on my blog again, what do you think ?

Anyhow, so GOOD with weekend. To relax and study in calm do you even spell that ?! and tomorrow I think I might go to Cannes to meet a friend of mine !! I think! Hope the weather is on our side.

Coffee saved my day yesterday. I KNOW. I don't drink coffe anymore, or that's what I say buuuut.....some days ya just need to

Look at that beautiiii. Love Nice so much <3 but now I'm so used to being in Monaco so much, so feels almost strange when I spend my time with A in Nice, haha...need to be in Nice more !! 

Love thiz song

17 mars


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Here is a blogpost about some good AND bad habits I have. At first I was thinking about writing only the bad things but I thought that would be to..I don't know! Why not compliment yourself and say or write what you are good at as well? So here is some habits of me, the bad ones I guess I will try to change ;P

Good habits: 

1. I am kind, I do try to always help other when I can. To help my mum and so on.

2. When I am in to something, I really put my heart and soul in to it. So I always always try to do something with a lot of commitment. It can be school work, blog, work or taking care of someone.

3. I don't drink alcohol or smoke. And I think this is a good habit of me, I love to not do all those things.

4. I have it so easy to stop bad things! For example, I don't drink coffee anymore!! This must be good..I noticed it made me feel bad and I stopped within a day, so it was so easy for me.

5. I always try to turn off the lights after me. If I am in one room, I know I don't need to have the lights on in the other room. So that I am good at! Ofcourse sometimes I forget but I always try to remmeber this.


Bad habits about me:

1. I bite my nails, I know it is gross!!! But yes I do that...something I will stop with haha.

2. Sometimes I put not-so-important-stuff before very-important-things. And this I guess, is bad. But I really try to get all my things done when I can.

3. I ask to many questions and I am a little bit of a "Worrier" yes worries, I worry a lot! It can be that I am worried that somebody is still hungry or something if I have been eating lunch with someone, and I am like "Are you still hungry?" "are you sure?" hehe...

4. I put myself down sometimes, and I struggle still with that. I have a hard time beliveing 100 percent in me. But something that kind of weights it up is that I fight even harder to still get what I want.

5. I put too much time on some things, even if I kind of know something won't work still I try and try and work on something even if it's just not working, but I have a hard time to let it go </3

15 mars


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Yes you have understood it right from the headline of this blog post.

I had a eating disorder.

I was 13 years old. Our dad just past away, and with a lot of things happening arround. I was very sad, low and the only thing that could make me feel better was to be better. And in order to be better, I always had in mind to become skinny. And I remember that time. I made up food schedules on what to eat for a day, and it could be to only eat one tomato for lunch. for breakfast I only drank a lot of water to feel like I just ate. And for other occasions when I was eating with others or in school, I went to the bathroom after and got all the food out.

And this was going on for half a year until the nurse at my school told me that my weight is very unhealthy. I remember I was under 40 kg and 170 cm tall. And we talked about it. Ofcourse I felt bad, it was like she knew what I was doing, all my plans crashed and a week after I was at the hospital talking about anorexia with the clinic.

I got better within a year maybe, I barely rememeber now. But I remember that it was hard. I was still so obsessed with getting as thin as I could.

And today, well, the reason for writing this post is to tell you that I STILL struggle with this. I still struggle everyday with the obsession of being thin, and I know it is so easy to fall back to that point in my life I was in.. And how do I feel about my body at the moment? Really bad actually. As soon as I have a kind off a healthy body, and eating WELL I feel fat, gross and disgusting. At this is the truth. THIS is my truth after reading magazines, seeing commercials with paper thin models and people eating salads instead of enjoying a nice brownie or cake.

Everybody is beautiful, you just have to learn how to love your own.

14 mars


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/ Fav place for a cofffee /

Love to sit at Cafe Frei here in Nice, a perfect place to work on some studies, do some blogpost or sit and edit videos or relax!! Great place. And..great coffee!! Hehe yes, I quit drinking coffee but once a week I might have a cup of coffee, since it is very tasty. And in Cafe Frei you have all types of differen coffees. So, tip tip!! Located in Rue De France in Nice.

.. and mood board!! I do it sometimes, I cut out pieces I like from different magazines I have at home to get some inpiration! And thousands of ideas pop up in the head.

12 mars


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A Vlog (a little one) is up on my Youtube channel. Hope you like it <3

12 mars


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// Pink comfy pants from Tally Wijl and blouse from Zara //

L o v e these pink beauties. Hihi. Yes I am talking about these pants! The are a little bit in a color that is "old pink" or how do you say it? It's actually my first pair of pink pants ever. And I love them!! Got them in Tally Weijl 2 weeks ago I think but just forgot to show it to you. What do you think? By the way - can't waaait until summer is here. Really wan't to enjoy the summer and be dressed in beautiful outfits instead of having jackets etc. <3

11 mars


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I watched this clip and wow it is really a good one! This guy talks about the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie and how sick it is. If you convert this story from the movie to a real life situation, you'll see how absolutely wrong this movie is. It is wrong in the way where Anastasia in the Fifty Shades movie meets Christians needs and not her own needs. This could be extremely dangerous if it happens in real life.

We all have dreams about how love should be. Some people like the fact that sex should be rough, hard and dangerous. And if two people comits to that, it is okey. But it is never ok, if you dream about a romantic relationship and then the other partner says "no sorry I can't give you that. But you will get me" And the other partner lowers the needs. Watch the clip and you'll understand, I think it was one of the beest clips I have seen.

11 mars


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- I have learned something about myself lately - I don't like to do squats!! It's so hard for me to keep my body straight when I go down, don't know why...haha, maybe my body just refusing it

- I cry for almost anything! Love movies, video-clips or for other reasons which makes me happy or sad.

- To wake up early is something I really like to do, when I wake up late I feel almost stressed, like I missed the whole day. So sleeping until 12 in the day is not an option for me...but I am trying to make it "ok" for myself to sleep as long as I want during weekends!

- I like to dress up nicely and everything, but for daytime going to school I don't really put much of effort in that.

- I got almost obsessed with coffee before, and now I have stoped for some weeks! It feels so good honestly. It made my heart raise and feel bad...

10 mars


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Hi!! I hope you all have had a GREA day. The weather in Nice has been kinda bad, a little bit of rain. Still I am soooo happy that we had 17 degrees yesterday and it will keep on going and be warmer and warmer now. Wiho. I have studied today mostly, went to the gym and helped A with something, organized my clothes. I am trying to get rid of a lot, since I have waay to much, and then get some new summer clothes ;) ! anywaays, time to make some dinner!! Tonight we will have movie night, was thinking of going to Monaco but the weather is not so great so we are staying in <#

And also, THANK you for ALL the love I receive from you!! It makes me so so very happy. As probably not many of you know. I have been blogging for almost 6 or wait..7 or 8 maybe? Wow...I have 8 years documented of my life on the internet, crazy isn't that...when I moved my blog to Blogger platform, I didn't move my old blog with it, so I still have my old blog to move to this platform tho. Something I really need to do ASAP!! But it is a looot. Oh well!

It just feels amazing that I have had my blog for so long. I started out when I was in middle school in Sweden, and now I'm here! Life changes <3

10 mars


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